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Automobile parts business

Weltop Technos suggests an automation line that inspects various automobile
parts from the stage of assembly. Since innovations take place consistently in this
area, Weltop Technos continues challenging technically one step ahead.
To create values for customers,

Weltop Technos offers the best system for precise automated process,
from designing through to the production of various automobile parts
which include fuel pumps, motor armature, shafts, engine valves, electric car,
and others and even for the structure of production facilities required for
the development of process.

U-FLOW Regulator Cover Assembly Machine Line

Regulator Cover Assembly Machine Line
(Including Leak Tester & Pressure Regulator)

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Electric Car Main Drive Motor STATOR CORE Automatic Welding Line.

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Electric Car Main Drive Motor Core Bonding Ass’y Line

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Automotive silencer leak tester

A testing machine for checking if the welded part after welding vehicle silencer has been connected

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Automotive silencer welder

A welding equipment exclusively for assembling WCC part which is part of vehicle silencer, using Co2 welding technique

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Automotive motor BLDC armature assembly line

An equipment for automatically transporting and welding products supplied by performing resistance-welding on coils and hook terminals in armature used for vehicle motor

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Automotive motor armature assembly automation line

A process line for assembling armature which is part of DC motor used for vehicles and various other parts

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Automotive part canister assembly line

An equipment for assembling plastic materials by bonding with heating and for assembling filters with an ultrasonic bonding machine

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Automotive airbag welding robot facilities

A spot welding equipment for joining a bracket to housing parts of vehicle airbag

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Automotive engine room junction box assembly/inspection line

An equipment for the precise measurement of location distance where fuse in the fuse box for vehicles and relay are inserted

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Automotive engine valve resistance welding automation

Resistance welding facilities exclusively for welding the cap of vehicle engine valve

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Automotive fuel pump performance tester

An equipment for inspecting the performance of vehicle fuel pump

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Automotive fuel pump assembly automation

An automatic process line for modularizing vehicle fuel pump (FA automation line)

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Automotive part armature core pressurizer

An equipment for pressing in armature which is part of vehicle and checking the depth and pressurization force

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